Chapter officers

DeMolay Chapters function through a set of officers. Some are elected meaning the brothers of the Chapter vote on each position and who they would like to lead them; while some are appointed meaning the Master Councilor decides who is each position. The Master Councilor, Senior Councilor, Junior Councilor and Scribe are always elected. All officers except where noted are appointed by the Master Councilor. The officers of a DeMolay Chapter are as follows:

Office Elected/Appointed Duty
Master Councilor Elected

Sits as chair for meetings, official representative

of chapter to outside persons and organizations.

Senior Councilor Elected

Many times oversees degree,ceremony work

and fund raising. Assists Master Councilor and

takes charge in absence of Master Councilor

Junior Councilor Elected

Many times oversees membership, contacts members

about events,assists other councilors and takes charge

in absence of both Master and Senior Councilors

Scribe Appointed by Advisory Council or elected by chapter.

Records minutes at meetings, files necessary paper

work, sends and receives communications.

Treasurer Advisor elected by Advisory Council or shares duties with Scribe

Manages chapter account; in many chapters the office is

symbolic and only adults handle chapter funds

Senior Deacon Appointed

Conducts candidates in initiation, assists councilors,

sometimes proceeds to Junior Councilor

Junior Deacon Appointed Communicates with Sentinel, assists Senior Deacon
Senior Steward Appointed Keeps facilities clean and in order.
Junior Steward Appointed Assists Senior Steward
Orator Appointed Presents ceremonies, makes necessary announcements
Sentinel Appointed Verifies persons entering meetings, keeps disturbances away
Chaplain Appointed Prayer
Marshal Appointed Conducts necessary movement in meetings
Standard Bearer Appointed Oversees flags and proper presentation of such
Almoner Appointed Collects alms for charities, and those sick or distressed
Seven Preceptors All Appointed Represent the seven Cardinal Virtues of DeMolay
Organist (Optional) Appointed Provides Music