New York DeMolay

Building Tomorrow's Leaders, Today!


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2014-2015 Knights:

Illustrious Knight Commander – Brian Kershaw
Squire Commander – Luke Patterson
Page Commander – Chris Draves
Four Rivers Commander - Guytano Morreale
Lakes Commander - Smitty Siegel
Metropolitan Commander - James Windsor


Dad Edward Draves - Priory Advisor


Happy New Year 2015! 


Priory is an extension of DeMolay exclusively for active members ages 17 through 21. The mission of Priory is to extend and assist the Order of DeMolay and its Chapters, maintain the active interest of older members, provide a unique and interesting program for Priory members, and to provide an example for other DeMolays to follow. Recognized by DeMolay International, this club allows the older members of the Order to contribute to the overall organization from a different perspective.


New York DeMolay formed Excelsior Priory in 2010 at that year's annual Convention, Since then, members have continued to join Priory and continue to stay active in DeMolay, even during their college years.


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