New York DeMolay

State Executive Committee


State Master Councilor

Brother Austin Altman


Austin Altman was born on December 17th 2001 in Morristown, New Jersey and moved to New York. Austin is currently a Junior in high school and does acting outside of school. Austin found out about DeMolay through his sisters Rainbow Assembly when he was 9. Austin petitioned for membership in Knickerbocker Chapter in 2013 and was initiated at the 2014 Grand Master’s Class. Austin became a duel member with a new chapter opening to help them develop in 2015. Austin served as Master Councilor for that chapter and received his PMCMSA, RD, and Lamp of Knowledge. He was installed as Metro Region Master Councilor at the 2016 NY DeMolay Convention. During his term he helped open 2 new chapters, held several fundraisers and a banquet. Austin has attended Keyman University, Garden State Leadership Training Conference 3 times and has been to DeMolay events in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Florida, and Massachusetts. After his Metro Region Councilor term ended, he became Master Councilor of his home chapter and is currently serving as the Deputy State Master Councilor of New York DeMolay.


Deputy State Master Councilor

Brother Michael Jordan 



State Sweetheart

Pearl Draves

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